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Know before you fly - unmanned flight safety guidance -

Drones, also called an Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), flying within a 5 mile radius of an airport, must contact the airport and air traffic control tower. Both recreational and commercial users must comply with FAA regulations.

Instructions for Recreational Use:

  1. Must notify St. Joseph County Airport Authority and Air Traffic Control via AirMap* or (574)282-4590
  2. Adhere to New FAA Rules for Model Aircraft
  3. Register aircraft at

Instructions for Commercial Use:

  1. Pilot in command must be licensed. To receive a license, schedule and take a FAA Airman Knowledge Test
  2. Register aircraft at
  3. Must receive permission from Air Traffic Control at (817)222-5872
  4. Adhere to FAR Part 107

AirMap is a free iOS, Android and web app that delivers real-time data to drone operators. The drone operators can view airspace information and advisory data, create a pilot profile, manage aircraft, create flight plans, submit digital flight notices to airports, view public flights, and more. Overall, it is an easier way for operators to fly responsibly.

For more information, please contact: South Bend International Airport at (574)282-4590 or [email protected]

FAA Air Traffic Control: (817)222-5872 or [email protected]