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Photo of cars stuck in traffic When it comes to choosing an airport to fly from, there are many factors to consider, including ticket price, fuel costs for travel to and from the airport and parking rates. And don’t get us started on what a hassle it is to deal with traffic!

Use our trusty Trip Cost Calculator to determine the true cost of your trip. South Bend is always the most convenient option for Michiana travelers and now it’s easy to see it’s also an affordable travel option!

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Mileage {{calculator.mileage * 0 | currency}} {{calculator.mileage * calculator.distances.second_airport | currency}} {{calculator.mileage * calculator.distances.third_airport | currency}}
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Tolls {{calculator.tolls.your_airport | currency}} {{calculator.tolls.second_airport | currency}} {{calculator.tolls.third_airport | currency}}
Total Final Cost {{'your_airport') | currency}} {{'second_airport') | currency}} {{'third_airport') | currency}}
Mileage based on {{calculator.distances.second_airport}} miles round-trip to {{calculator.labels.second_airport}} and {{calculator.distances.third_airport}} miles round-trip to {{calculator.labels.third_airport}} at {{calculator.mileage | currency}}/mile. Tolls based on ticketed two axle vehicle round-trip. Travel time is based on {{calculator.times.second_airport}} hours round-trip to {{calculator.labels.second_airport}} and {{calculator.times.third_airport}} hours round-trip to {{calculator.labels.third_airport}} at {{calculator.hourly | currency}}/hour. Parking rates are based on {{calculator.parking.your_airport | currency}}/week at {{calculator.labels.your_airport}}, {{calculator.parking.second_airport | currency}}/week at {{calculator.labels.second_airport}}, and {{calculator.parking.third_airport | currency}}/week at {{calculator.labels.third_airport}}.
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Additional Info:
Mileage based on 2018 IRS rate of 58¢/mile.
Parking based on SBN Economy Lot for 7 days. Chicago airports require a shuttle to get from lot to terminal.
Time based on average per capita income in St. Joseph County.