South Bend is on Eastern Time year-round, and times shown below are local times. Please note that schedules may change without notice. For the most up-to-date flight information, it’s best to contact your airline directly.

Please note: Travelers are encouraged to arrive two hours prior to your scheduled departure to ensure adequate time to get checked-in, through security and to your gate.

Last Updated: Friday, May 24, 2019 @ 06:35:16 pm
Est. Time
3650 Airline Logo Atlanta 05:10pm Boarding
4878 Airline Logo Chicago 07:14pm Delayed
601 Airline Logo Mesa 09:48pm Delayed
4117 Airline Logo Atlanta 06:00am On time
5330 Airline Logo Chicago 06:00am On time
4812 Airline Logo Detroit 06:30am On time
5145 Airline Logo Charlotte 06:55am On time
3892 Airline Logo Minneapolis 07:00am On time
3687 Airline Logo Atlanta 08:00am On time
3232 Airline Logo Dallas/Fort Worth 08:00am On time
5399 Airline Logo Chicago 09:14am Delayed
2268 Airline Logo Orlando Sanford 09:36am On time
4789 Airline Logo Chicago 11:30am On time
3637 Airline Logo Atlanta 12:23pm On time
4057 Airline Logo Detroit 01:56pm On time
5110 Airline Logo Charlotte 03:02pm On time
3246 Airline Logo Dallas/Fort Worth 04:15pm On time
4878 Airline Logo Chicago 06:05pm On time
924 Airline Logo St. Petersburg 09:20pm On time