There are several transportation options to get you to and from South Bend International Airport. Choose an option from the menu to the left (or above, if on a mobile device) to learn more.

South Bend International Airport is proud to be one of the few multi-modal transportation facilities in the country that provides air, intercity and interstate bus services, and interstate rail services all at one convenient terminal.

Traveling is a way to relax, unwind, and get away from the stress of everyday life. Many travelers, however, still have to endure a lot of headaches during their journey. SBN does away with this through its idyllic location and quality facilities and amenities.

A Premium on Convenient Travel

South Bend International Airport is close and convenient to the whole Northern Indiana/Southwestern Michigan region. It is a great option for travelers who live nearby and are looking for more cost-effective transportation means. The airport’s convenient location allows travelers an easy start and end to their trips.

Flying South Bend means you get to avoid the traffic headaches, stress, and other expenses often associated with traveling to larger airports in other big cities.

Fly South Bend now and see how we make travel easier.