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Nonstop service on four airlines

Last Updated: Wednesday, July 6, 2022 @ 03:04:04 am

Flight #
Origin Time Est. Time Gate Status
07/06 1896 Allegiant Logo St. Petersburg 08:24am 08:24am 9 On time
07/06 3580 Delta Logo Atlanta 11:48am 11:48am 5 On time
07/06 5461 United Logo Chicago 12:31pm 12:31pm 7 On time
07/06 5189 American Logo Charlotte 01:13pm 01:13pm 8 On time
07/06 2252 Allegiant Logo Orlando Sanford 02:33pm 02:33pm 9 On time
07/06 3084 American Logo Dallas/Fort Worth 03:55pm 03:55pm 8 On time
07/06 5404 United Logo Chicago 04:26pm 04:26pm 7 On time
07/06 3850 Delta Logo Detroit 07:13pm 07:13pm 5 On time
07/06 5556 United Logo Chicago 07:54pm 07:54pm 7 On time
07/06 5240 American Logo Charlotte 08:23pm 08:23pm 8 On time
07/06 3536 Delta Logo Minneapolis 10:06pm 10:06pm 5 On time
07/06 3182 American Logo Dallas/Fort Worth 10:13pm 10:13pm 8 On time
07/06 5234 United Logo Chicago 11:05pm 11:05pm 7 On time
07/06 3618 Delta Logo Atlanta 11:10pm 11:10pm 5 On time

Last Updated: Wednesday, July 6, 2022 @ 03:04:04 am

Flight #
Destination Time Est. Time Gate Status
07/06 5399 American Logo Charlotte 06:00am 06:00am 8 On time
07/06 3570 Delta Logo Atlanta 06:00am 06:00am 5 On time
07/06 3572 Delta Logo Minneapolis 07:15am 07:15am 5 On time
07/06 3289 American Logo Dallas/Fort Worth 07:40am 07:40am 8 On time
07/06 5444 United Logo Chicago 07:45am 07:45am 7 On time
07/06 3529 Delta Logo Detroit 08:15am 08:15am 5 On time
07/06 5720 United Logo Chicago 09:10am 09:10am 7 On time
07/06 1936 Allegiant Logo St. Petersburg 09:14am 09:14am 9 On time
07/06 4747 United Logo Chicago 01:06pm 01:06pm 7 On time
07/06 5189 American Logo Charlotte 01:43pm 01:43pm 8 On time
07/06 2242 Allegiant Logo Orlando Sanford 03:23pm 03:23pm 9 On time
07/06 3689 Delta Logo Atlanta 04:10pm 04:10pm 5 On time
07/06 3084 American Logo Dallas/Fort Worth 04:25pm 04:25pm 8 On time
07/06 5511 United Logo Chicago 05:07pm 05:07pm 7 On time
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Airlines serving SBN


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Although work is important, taking time to rest and enjoy yourself is just as important.

Celebrate #NationalWorkaholicsDay by kicking back, relaxing, and rewarding yourself for all your hard work!

Need help choosing a destination? Visit for ideas! 🛫🌴⛰

To our friends, family and travel buddies alike, we wish you all a safe and happy 4th of July! 🇺🇸

#July4th #IndependenceDay #FourthofJuly

Congrats to TSO Ashton O. who was awarded TSA’s Eagle Eye Award! His keen eagle eye was recognized during routine anonymous testing where he made sure our airport was safe. Reminder: it is everyone’s responsibility to report anything suspicious as you travel through the airport!

Check out this super cool MiG-17 that stopped through SBN yesterday! Mig-17 aircraft can reach speeds faster than 700 mph, have ceilings higher than 50,000 ft, and have a max weight of around 13,300 lbs!

📸: Maureen P., Operations Specialist

#Mig17aircraft #FlySBN #FlySouthBend

A few of our team members had the chance to go on a tour through the Air Traffic Control tower today!

Austin D., Aaliyah M., Matt P., Mikey G., and Max V. all got to get a behind-the-scenes glimpse of air traffic control, and we're so excited for them to continue learning!