Airport Statistics

Passenger Traffic

On average, more than 2,000 airline passengers travel through SBN every day — not to mention hundreds of rail and bus passengers. Take a look at how many people choose SBN when taking off for a new adventure, returning home from one, or visiting our region from elsewhere:


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Annual Reports

Our Annual Reports contain complete yearly financial and statistical information about South Bend International Airport, plus details on construction projects, business initiatives, facility improvements and other accomplishments.

These reports provide information about the 24/7 operational side of South Bend International Airport.

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Economic Impact Study

As an employer, a center of commerce, and a key component of the region’s thriving tourist industry, South Bend International Airport has an incredible $1.7 billion impact on the local economy.

In 2012, the Aviation Association of Indiana conducted an Economic Impact Study to see how SBN plays a positive financial role in making the South Bend region a better place for businesses, residents and travelers.