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Nonstop service to 13 cities on four airlines

Last Updated: Saturday, February 27, 2021 @ 07:58:56 pm

Flight #
Origin Time Est. Time Gate Status
02/27 858 Allegiant Logo St. Petersburg 07:46pm 07:37pm 9 Arrived
02/27 5556 United Logo Chicago 08:03pm 07:48pm 7 Arrived
02/27 4832 Delta Logo Detroit 09:51pm 09:36pm 5 Early
02/27 3220 American Logo Dallas/Fort Worth 10:11pm 09:36pm 3 Early
02/27 5098 American Logo Charlotte 10:16pm 10:16pm 2 On time
02/27 5477 Delta Logo Atlanta 10:44pm 10:37pm 5 Early
02/28 1523 Allegiant Logo Punta Gorda 09:00am 09:00am 9 On time
02/28 5205 Delta Logo Atlanta 10:51am 10:51am 5 On time
02/28 4864 Delta Logo Detroit 11:47am 11:47am 5 On time
02/28 3960 United Logo Chicago 12:31pm 12:31pm 7 On time
02/28 94 Allegiant Logo Las Vegas 01:12pm 01:12pm 9 On time
02/28 5054 American Logo Charlotte 01:17pm 01:17pm On time
02/28 3289 American Logo Dallas/Fort Worth 01:52pm 01:52pm On time
02/28 4009 United Logo Chicago 04:02pm 04:02pm 7 On time
02/28 4678 Delta Logo Detroit 04:58pm 04:58pm 5 On time
02/28 5216 Delta Logo Atlanta 05:14pm 05:14pm 5 On time

Last Updated: Saturday, February 27, 2021 @ 07:58:56 pm

Flight #
Destination Time Est. Time Gate Status
02/27 907 Allegiant Logo St. Petersburg 08:36pm 08:36pm 9 On time
02/28 5347 American Logo Charlotte 06:02am 06:02am 2 On time
02/28 5078 Delta Logo Detroit 06:10am 06:10am 5 On time
02/28 3232 American Logo Dallas/Fort Worth 07:18am 07:18am 3 On time
02/28 5199 Delta Logo Atlanta 07:45am 07:45am 6 On time
02/28 5330 United Logo Chicago 08:00am 08:00am 7 On time
02/28 1539 Allegiant Logo Punta Gorda 09:50am 09:50am 9 On time
02/28 4782 Delta Logo Detroit 11:36am 11:36am 5 On time
02/28 5006 Delta Logo Atlanta 12:32pm 12:32pm 5 On time
02/28 3831 United Logo Chicago 01:10pm 01:10pm 7 On time
02/28 5054 American Logo Charlotte 01:47pm 01:47pm On time
02/28 95 Allegiant Logo Las Vegas 02:02pm 02:02pm 9 On time
02/28 3282 American Logo Dallas/Fort Worth 02:22pm 02:22pm On time
02/28 3933 United Logo Chicago 04:36pm 04:36pm 7 On time
02/28 5174 Delta Logo Atlanta 05:43pm 05:43pm 6 On time
02/28 4923 Delta Logo Detroit 05:59pm 05:59pm 5 On time
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