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Nonstop service on four airlines

Last Updated: Friday, December 3, 2021 @ 05:58:28 am

Flight #
Origin Time Est. Time Gate Status
12/03 2337 Allegiant Logo Orlando Sanford 08:55am 08:55am 9 On time
12/03 5172 Delta Logo Atlanta 11:08am 11:08am 5 On time
12/03 1178 Allegiant Logo Mesa 11:24am 11:24am 9 On time
12/03 5327 American Logo Charlotte 11:30am 11:30am On time
12/03 4645 United Logo Chicago 12:42pm 12:42pm 7 On time
12/03 3512 Delta Logo Detroit 03:01pm 03:01pm 5 On time
12/03 3084 American Logo Dallas/Fort Worth 04:00pm 04:00pm On time
12/03 5878 United Logo Chicago 04:38pm 04:38pm 7 On time
12/03 4656 Delta Logo Atlanta 05:16pm 05:16pm 5 On time
12/03 2560 Allegiant Logo Sarasota 05:23pm 05:23pm 9 On time
12/03 5556 United Logo Chicago 07:48pm 07:48pm 7 On time
12/03 5223 United Logo Chicago 09:37pm 09:37pm 7 On time
12/03 3182 American Logo Dallas/Fort Worth 09:50pm 09:50pm On time
12/03 3536 Delta Logo Minneapolis 10:16pm 10:16pm 5 On time
12/03 3541 Delta Logo Detroit 10:25pm 10:25pm 5 On time
12/03 5477 Delta Logo Atlanta 10:55pm 10:55pm 5 On time
12/03 5630 United Logo Chicago 11:03pm 11:03pm 7 On time
12/04 5240 American Logo Charlotte 12:26am 12:26am On time

Last Updated: Friday, December 3, 2021 @ 05:58:28 am

Flight #
Destination Time Est. Time Gate Status
12/03 4765 Delta Logo Atlanta 06:00am 05:55am 6 Departed
12/03 5399 American Logo Charlotte 06:10am 06:10am 3 On time
12/03 5768 United Logo Chicago 06:25am 06:25am 7 On time
12/03 3572 Delta Logo Minneapolis 07:00am 07:00am 5 On time
12/03 3289 American Logo Dallas/Fort Worth 07:55am 07:55am 3 On time
12/03 5256 United Logo Chicago 08:00am 08:00am 7 On time
12/03 3529 Delta Logo Detroit 08:20am 08:20am 6 On time
12/03 2498 Allegiant Logo Orlando Sanford 09:45am 09:45am 9 On time
12/03 5720 United Logo Chicago 09:45am 09:45am 7 On time
12/03 5668 American Logo Charlotte 12:01pm 12:01pm 3 On time
12/03 1188 Allegiant Logo Mesa 12:14pm 12:14pm 9 On time
12/03 5172 Delta Logo Atlanta 12:35pm 12:35pm 5 On time
12/03 5631 United Logo Chicago 01:17pm 01:17pm 7 On time
12/03 4057 Delta Logo Detroit 01:56pm 01:56pm 5 On time
12/03 3652 Delta Logo Detroit 03:46pm 03:46pm 5 On time
12/03 3084 American Logo Dallas/Fort Worth 04:33pm 04:33pm 3 On time
12/03 5885 United Logo Chicago 05:14pm 05:14pm 7 On time
12/03 4656 Delta Logo Atlanta 06:01pm 06:01pm 5 On time
12/03 2540 Allegiant Logo Sarasota 06:13pm 06:13pm 9 On time
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Airlines serving SBN


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