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Nonstop service to 13 cities on four airlines

Last Updated: Sunday, September 15, 2019 @ 04:24:53 pm

Date Flight # Airline Origin Time Est. Time Gate Status
09/15 3845 Airline Logo Chicago 03:56pm 04:04pm 7 Arrived
09/15 4347 Airline Logo Newark 04:08pm 06:38pm 7 Late
09/15 3647 Airline Logo Detroit 04:51pm 04:34pm 5 Early
09/15 4282 Airline Logo Chicago 05:35pm 05:35pm 7 On time
09/15 3545 Airline Logo Detroit 06:57pm 06:57pm 5 On time
09/15 5556 Airline Logo Chicago 07:52pm 07:52pm 7 On time
09/15 3642 Airline Logo Atlanta 08:05pm 08:05pm 5 On time
09/15 3616 Airline Logo Detroit 09:21pm 09:21pm 5 On time
09/15 5698 Airline Logo Chicago 09:35pm 09:35pm 7 On time
09/15 3182 Airline Logo Dallas/Fort Worth 10:04pm 10:04pm On time
09/15 3626 Airline Logo Atlanta 10:12pm 10:12pm 5 On time
09/15 4064 Airline Logo Minneapolis 10:13pm 10:13pm 5 On time
09/15 5157 Airline Logo Charlotte 10:26pm 10:26pm On time

Last Updated: Sunday, September 15, 2019 @ 04:24:53 pm

Date Flight # Airline Destination Time Est. Time Gate Status
09/15 4851 Airline Logo Chicago 02:40pm 03:31pm 7 Cancelled
09/15 964 Airline Logo Minneapolis 04:00pm 03:54pm 5 Departed
09/15 3530 Airline Logo Detroit 04:03pm 03:59pm 5 Departed
09/15 3246 Airline Logo Dallas/Fort Worth 04:18pm 04:18pm 3 Departed
09/15 3902 Airline Logo Chicago 04:26pm 04:26pm 7 On time
09/15 4237 Airline Logo Newark 04:45pm 06:51pm 7 Delayed
09/15 3650 Airline Logo Atlanta 05:20pm 05:20pm 5 On time
09/15 4360 Airline Logo Chicago 06:16pm 06:16pm 7 On time

Airlines serving SBN


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