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Nonstop service to 13 cities on four airlines

Last Updated: Tuesday, November 12, 2019 @ 05:41:15 pm

Flight #
Origin Time Est. Time Gate Status
11/12 4991 United Logo Newark 05:15pm 06:16pm 7 Late
11/12 4736 United Logo Chicago 05:47pm 07:32pm 7 Late
11/12 4065 Delta Logo Detroit 07:00pm 08:44pm 5 Late
11/12 5556 United Logo Chicago 08:00pm 08:00pm 7 On time
11/12 3642 Delta Logo Atlanta 08:07pm 08:01pm 5 Early
11/12 4936 United Logo Newark 08:22pm 08:52pm 7 Late
11/12 4454 Delta Logo Detroit 09:25pm 09:25pm 5 On time
11/12 5698 United Logo Chicago 09:38pm 09:38pm 7 On time
11/12 3182 American Logo Dallas/Fort Worth 10:08pm 10:08pm On time
11/12 3626 Delta Logo Atlanta 10:20pm 10:20pm 5 On time
11/12 3842 Delta Logo Minneapolis 10:20pm 10:20pm 5 On time
11/12 5157 American Logo Charlotte 10:32pm 01:16am Late
11/12 3262 United Logo Washington 11:30pm 11:30pm 7 On time
11/13 4161 Delta Logo Detroit 09:43am 09:43am 5 On time
11/13 3875 United Logo Chicago 10:51am 10:51am 7 On time
11/13 2241 Allegiant Logo Orlando Sanford 10:58am 10:58am 9 On time
11/13 3637 Delta Logo Atlanta 11:35am 11:35am 5 On time
11/13 3779 Delta Logo Detroit 01:28pm 01:28pm 5 On time
11/13 5110 American Logo Charlotte 03:03pm 03:03pm On time
11/13 3783 Delta Logo Minneapolis 03:31pm 03:31pm 5 On time
11/13 3532 Delta Logo Atlanta 03:37pm 03:37pm 5 On time
11/13 3289 American Logo Dallas/Fort Worth 03:48pm 03:48pm On time
11/13 4835 United Logo Chicago 04:02pm 04:02pm 7 On time
11/13 3514 Delta Logo Detroit 04:50pm 04:50pm 5 On time
11/13 4991 United Logo Newark 05:20pm 05:20pm 7 On time
11/13 963 Allegiant Logo St. Petersburg 05:33pm 05:33pm 9 On time

Last Updated: Tuesday, November 12, 2019 @ 05:41:15 pm

Flight #
Destination Time Est. Time Gate Status
11/12 3650 Delta Logo Atlanta 05:20pm 05:20pm 5 Departed
11/12 4986 United Logo Newark 05:45pm 05:45pm 7 On time
11/12 4603 United Logo Chicago 06:30pm 06:30pm 7 On time
11/12 3280 United Logo Washington 07:00pm 07:00pm 7 On time
11/13 5330 United Logo Chicago 06:00am 06:00am 7 On time
11/13 4117 Delta Logo Atlanta 06:10am 06:10am 5 On time
11/13 5145 American Logo Charlotte 06:16am 06:16am 3 On time
11/13 4450 Delta Logo Detroit 06:24am 06:24am 5 On time
11/13 5005 United Logo Newark 06:25am 06:25am 7 On time
11/13 3892 Delta Logo Minneapolis 07:00am 07:00am 5 On time
11/13 3232 American Logo Dallas/Fort Worth 07:55am 07:55am 3 On time
11/13 3687 Delta Logo Atlanta 08:00am 08:00am 5 On time
11/13 3817 Delta Logo Detroit 08:00am 08:00am 5 On time
11/13 5399 United Logo Chicago 08:00am 08:00am 7 On time
11/13 4161 Delta Logo Detroit 10:18am 10:18am 5 On time
11/13 4821 United Logo Chicago 11:21am 11:21am 7 On time
11/13 2155 Allegiant Logo Orlando Sanford 11:48am 11:48am 9 On time
11/13 3637 Delta Logo Atlanta 12:05pm 12:05pm 5 On time
11/13 3779 Delta Logo Detroit 01:55pm 01:55pm 5 On time
11/13 5110 American Logo Charlotte 03:33pm 03:33pm 3 On time
11/13 3783 Delta Logo Minneapolis 03:56pm 03:56pm 5 On time
11/13 3841 Delta Logo Detroit 04:03pm 04:03pm 5 On time
11/13 3246 American Logo Dallas/Fort Worth 04:18pm 04:18pm 3 On time
11/13 3847 United Logo Chicago 04:32pm 04:32pm 7 On time
11/13 3650 Delta Logo Atlanta 05:20pm 05:20pm 5 On time

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