Travel Tips

How To Get Through Airport Security Quickly

December 1, 2023

When you’re traveling via plane, it’s helpful to be equipped with a thorough understanding of TSA’s regulations and a good dose of common sense to get through security smoothly. As long as you have a solid grip on the rules and you’re prepared for lines and checkpoints, you’ll glide through the airport feeling stress-free. Let’s…

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enjoy the fireworks by Reunion Tower when you travel to dallas, texas for new year's eve

3 Exciting New Year’s Eve Travel Destinations

October 2, 2023

The end of the year is just around the corner, which means it’s time to start planning your New Year’s Eve celebrations. How you ring in the new year sets the tone for the following months, and that’s a great reason to spend NYE in a fresh, fun place. Welcome 2024 in Dallas, Texas On…

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Indiana driver's license with the REAL ID star in a blue wallet

What You Need To Know About Getting Your REAL ID

September 20, 2023

You may have heard about a REAL ID, but don’t quite know what it is or what it means for travel. If you are renewing your driver’s license or state-issued ID and plan to travel, you want to ensure it is a REAL ID. REAL IDs will be required for all domestic air travel effective…

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passenger waiting for transportation from the airport with luggage

6 Tips For Getting Transportation From The Airport

August 4, 2023

When you’re traveling, there are so many details to think about especially when it comes to flying. In order to make your trip as smooth as possible, it’s wise to think ahead about getting transportation from the airport to your accommodation. There are plenty of options available, depending on your budget and the amount of…

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Mother and her daughter checking safety in economy class airliner

Flying With Kids? Make Your Trip Easier With These Travel Tips

June 21, 2023

Flying with kids can be intimidating, but it’s often not something that parents can get around – especially during the summer months when there’s family to visit and vacations to be had. At South Bend International Airport, it’s our goal to make your flying experience as pleasant as possible. We make sure that you’re equipped…

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overhead view of portland oregon at sunset a unique honeymoon destination

7 Unique Honeymoon Destinations To Consider

May 23, 2023

Wedding season is upon us, which means many couples will soon be heading to honeymoon destinations around the globe. You can go anywhere you want on your honeymoon, but there are a few destinations that have become more popular over the years — which can mean large crowds during your romantic getaway. Consider going off the…

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Underrated Summer Vacation Travel Spots

April 5, 2023

Are you trying to plan a summer getaway but can’t decide where to go? There are so many great places to visit throughout the United States, and air travel makes it easy to get there from here. If you are seeking an exciting new travel destination, check out these underrated summer vacation travel spots! Asheville,…

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Amenities You Can Use At South Bend International Airport

March 27, 2023

At South Bend International Airport, we provide our flyers with a multitude of amenities so they can have a pleasurable experience from the minute they walk through our doors until they deplane at their destination. We’re proud to offer everything you need in an airport, whether you’re arriving or departing. Here are a few of…

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Traveler puts bag in bin at airport TSA security checkpoint

How to Prepare for TSA Screenings at the Airport

February 14, 2023

Waiting in line for TSA screenings at the airport can be stressful if you are not prepared. In your mind, you’re probably going over a mental checklist to make sure you’ve got everything packed and that you didn’t forget anything at home. The last thing you want to do is hold up the line for…

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How to Safely Bring Home Souvenirs When Flying

January 16, 2023

For many flyers, one of the most enjoyable things about traveling to far-away places, whether it’s for business or pleasure, is bringing back souvenirs as personal mementos or gifts for others. A souvenir is a tangible item to help us remember the fun we had, the interesting things we learned, or the beautiful sights we…

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couple standing with daughter at airport during holiday travel

6 Holiday Travel Tips To Make Your Travels Easier

December 6, 2022

During the holiday season, you look forward to seeing loved ones, creating new memories together, eating great food, and carrying out traditions. Traveling may not be what you look forward to most this time of year. It is, however, necessary to get to those moments that make the holidays so special! When you follow these…

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senior adults reading books on the beach travel gift ideas

The 9 Best Travel Gift Ideas For The Holidays

November 2, 2022

If you know someone who’s always on the go and setting off on a new adventure, get them a gift they can use while traveling this holiday season. If you’re wondering what to get the travel enthusiast in your life this year for the holidays, look no further. Here are nine travel gift ideas that…

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