Fast. Smart. Affordable. We have several options for affordable parking in accessible parking lots conveniently located just minutes from the terminal.

Curbside Valet Parking Service

Up to 1 hour – $5
1-24 hours – $20
Each additional period of 1-24 hours – $20

Our Valet Parking Service gives you an easy in-and-out experience at SBN. To use the service, simply pull up to the booth on the front drive. The attendant will take your flight information and car keys, and when you return, your car will be waiting at the curb — and in the winter, we warm it up and clean off the snow!


Short-Term ($$ – closest to terminal)

Approximate walking time to the terminal: 1 minute

Up to 30 minutes – FREE
Up to 1 hour – $2
Each additional hour – $2
24-hour maximum rate – $16


Long-Term ($)

Approximate walking time to the terminal: 2–4 minutes

Up to 1 hour – $1
Each additional hour – $1
24-hour maximum rate – $10
Weekly maximum rate – $60
(i.e., 7 days = $60; 8 days = $60 + $10 = $70)


18-Hour Lot ($)

Approximate walking time to the terminal: 3–4 minutes

5 a.m. to arrival of last daily train — $1 / 18-hours. Simply place your dollar in the slot that coordinates with your parking spot into the pay box located at the northwest corner of the lot.

18-hour maximum stay (no overnight parking allowed)


Cell Phone Waiting Lot (FREE)

Approximate walking time to the terminal: 3–4 minutes (located within the 18-hour lot)

Picking someone up? Pull into our free Cell Phone Waiting Lot to wait for your passenger(s) to arrive. From the main terminal entrance, look for the signs on the left side of the roadway. When your passenger arrives, pull up to the curb to pick them up. See airport map.



Take a ticket at entry to gain access to the parking lot. After your stay in the parking lot, drive towards the exit lanes at the plaza to pay. Cash or credit cards are accepted at the attendant-served booths, while the automated line is for credit card payment only.


Airline Crew Parking

All airline crew parking is handled by Republic Parking. Please fill out the Monthly Parking Agreement. Completed forms should be given to an attendant at the exit booth. Please call (574) 234-1924 with any questions.

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Republic Parking: (574) 234-1924