Airport Badging

All badging-related processes require an appointment with the Airport Information Office. Calling (574) 282-4590, ext. 0 to schedule. Appointments can be made Monday-Thursday: 6am to 8pm; Friday: 6am to 1pm; and Sunday: 2pm – 8pm.

To receive an airport-issued ID badge, applicants must complete a Badge Application Form, which then must be signed by an airport Authorized Signatory.

To begin the badging process, all applicants must bring a signed Badge Application Form, along with identification compliant with the federal USCIS Form I-9Note: applicants must have one document from Table A, or one document from Table B, and one document from Table C.

All badge applicants must undergo security screening prior to receiving a badge. Typical security screening usually takes 5–7 business days. Unless requested otherwise, Airport Information will advise the Authorized Signatory of successful results upon completion. After successful security screening, all applicants must undergo computer-based training and testing before receiving their badge. Applicants may make training appointments by calling 574-282-4590, and should expect training to take 60 minutes. Applicants that do not complete training within thirty days of successful security screening must begin the badging process again.

If the applicant is requesting Movement Area driving authority, the applicant must also complete a practical driving test, to be scheduled upon completion of the computer-based training. Movement Area driving appointments should be expected to take 120 minutes. Applicants may use the Movement Area Driving Manual to prepare for the practical test.

All badge fees are due upon completion of training and badge issuance. Fees can be paid via cash, credit card, or direct billing (agreement with the St. Joseph County Airport Authority is required).

Badges expire yearly and may be renewed within thirty days of expiration date by making an appointment with the Airport Information Office.

Lost badges must be reported to Airport Information immediately. Replacement badges may only be issued upon receipt of a completed Lost Badge Form and any applicable fees.

Authorized Signatories may complete the Key Request Form and submit to Airport Information to request an applicant be provided with an airport-issued key.


Airport Badging FAQ