10 Activities To Make Layovers Fun

Many people consider arriving at their destination to be the most exciting part of traveling, but when you look at traveling as an adventure in itself, a layover turns into an opportunity.

Layovers can be an ideal time to do some exploring, check some things off your to-do list, catch up on reading or watching shows, and much more.

If you’re dreading your layover, consider these ways to make your layover fun.


After sitting on a flight, it can feel good to get up, stretch and walk around. Walking around an airport gives you lots of serendipitous opportunities. You can people-watch, listen to music or a podcast while you walk, or window shop.

If you want to really get moving, see if the airport your layover is at has a fitness room — and a shower for after.


All airports have at least one activity for people to do — watching planes go by. You can also always grab a snack or a drink at the airport, but there’s plenty more to do than just that.

Many airports have art you can look at and some even have their own museums. Each airport has its own unique offerings.

Many airports play into their location. It’s no shock that you can gamble at the Las Vegas airport, for example. At some airports, like the Atlanta airport, you can rent out a suite to take a nap, relax, and recharge, which is perfect for a layover.

Every airport is different, so see what your layover city’s airport has to offer. There’s a lot more to see and do in an airport than you may have initially thought!


Kick back, relax, and turn on a binge-worthy show or a classic movie. Some entertainment is a great way to pass the time. Don’t forget your headphones!


If you have the time, treat yourself! Since massages can reduce pain and improve circulation, they’re perfect for after you’ve been sitting on a flight. Your body will surely thank you and you’ll feel refreshed for your next flight.

Many airports — and neighboring hotels — have spas. Book your appointment for a massage, facial, manicure and pedicure, or other treatment ahead of time so you can look forward to a relaxing layover.


If you like an itinerary or at least a loose schedule when you travel, you can use your layover time to make plans for the rest of your trip. Do some research to figure out your must-visit spots at your destination and how you’ll get to them. Knowing what to expect out of your destination is also an important way to stay safe if you’re traveling alone. 


During a layover, call a friend just to catch up or to talk about your travels. You can even do this as you take a walk through the airport. With everyone’s busy day-to-day lives, it can be difficult to find the time to simply connect with those who mean the most to you. Be sure that you factor in any time differences before you make a call.


If you have a really long layover, get out and explore the city. Take yourself on your own mini tour or find a guided tour. First, store your luggage at the airport so you can easily explore without worrying about it.

Be sure to allow yourself enough time to get back to the airport to go through security, grab your luggage and get on your next flight.


A layover can be a great time to crack open a book you’ve been meaning to read. If you didn’t bring a book, grab a book or a magazine from a store at the airport. Reading is a great way to keep yourself entertained and pass the time.


If you’re a frequent flier or have a premium credit card, you may have access to an airport lounge. Or, find out if you can pay for one-time access to a lounge.

Airport lounges can provide a calmer, more luxurious experience for a layover. Many lounges offer complimentary snacks and beverages and free Wi-Fi, and more upscale lounges may even offer showers and fine dining.


Another option for your layover? Decide where you’re off to for your next trip!

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