7 Unique Honeymoon Destinations To Consider

Wedding season is upon us, which means many couples will soon be heading to honeymoon destinations around the globe.

You can go anywhere you want on your honeymoon, but there are a few destinations that have become more popular over the years — which can mean large crowds during your romantic getaway. Consider going off the beaten path and heading to a unique spot so you won’t have 10 other couples in the room saying “We honeymooned there, too!”

Whether you’re looking to stay inside the United States or you’ve got the urge for an international honeymoon, these destinations are seven of the very best.

Woodstock, Vermont

We know where everyone’s mind goes when we say “Woodstock,” but that’s not what we mean when we reference Woodstock, Vermont. While it might not be the home of the famous music festival, this city does have top-rated ski resorts open from November through April and amazing spas.

This charming town also has great food and entertainment, with shops galore and plenty of activities for you and your sweetheart to check out. If you love to spend time outside, Woodstock is a wonderful place to be.

Portland, Oregon

If you and your new spouse are foodies, Portland is calling to you. This city in the Pacific Northwest is known for its variety of breweries and diverse range of farmers markets. (Just make sure you can fit everything you buy back into your suitcase for the trip home!)

Portland is also great for people who love to get outside. It’s in a naturally beautiful location that boasts stunning views, fresh air, and tons of things to do. What’s more is that even if you’re on a budget (maybe you spent a little too much on the wedding), there are many budget-friendly attractions to make the most of your time in the city.

Nantucket, Massachusetts

Nantucket is a wonderful destination if you’re looking for beautiful beaches and a small, quaint town. The island is only 14 miles long, but it offers so much that you might not be able to do it all during one trip. There’s golfing, wine tasting, museum tours, sight-seeing, dancing, and, of course, swimming (if you go during the summer).

To avoid big crowds, consider heading to Nantucket in the fall or spring. While it’s true that swimming might not be as accessible, you’ll still get to experience the island’s unique personality and breathtaking views without the hustle and bustle of “summer people.”

Queenstown, New Zealand

Venturing out of the United States, Queenstown is one of the top travel spots for daredevils. Miles and miles of beautiful wilderness await you, and you can soak it all in while trying your hand at death-defying stunts like bungee jumping off the Kawarau Bridge (home of the very first bungee jump!), or taking it a bit easier (but only a bit) with a hike on the Routeburn Track.

If you want to avoid crowds, avoid scheduling your honeymoon around Christmas; that’s when many tourists come. New Zealand’s summer is our winter, so head there anywhere between January and April.

Lisbon, Portugal

France and Italy aren’t the only amazing European destinations for a honeymoon – Portugal, specifically the capital city of Lisbon, is right up there with its amazing sights, beautiful beaches, tasty wine, and rich history. This is the place to go if you want a standout culinary experience in a city you can explore on foot.

The atmosphere of Lisbon is like stepping into a fairytale. There are stunning colors all around, cobblestone streets, and architecture that you don’t see every day. The vibe of this city is historically romantic, which is, of course, perfect for a honeymoon!

Lisbon isn’t just pretty to look at; it also offers amazing live music. If you’re into that scene, you shouldn’t miss the tunes at Ze dos Bois Gallery, Ma Lingua, or Cafe Dias.

Vancouver, Canada

Our neighbors to the north have so much to give when it comes to honeymoon spots. Vancouver has unbeatable nature with lush green fields, breathtaking mountains, and the great, wide expanse of the Pacific Ocean at your feet. If you and your new spouse are excited about hiking, Vancouver is a great option for the two of you.

Beyond its gorgeous views, Vancouver is also known for its farm-to-table way of life, meaning you’ll get some of the best food you’ve ever had while you’re honeymooning here.


There’s no denying that St. Lucia and Jamaica are popular honeymoon destinations, but not many people have heard of the nearby group of islands called Grenada. Grenada is just as beautiful (if not more so, thanks to the fact that it’s significantly less crowded), and it comes with a rich and spicy history. It’s often called the “Spice Isle” thanks to the great number of nutmeg farms it houses!

While visiting Grenada, find pastel-colored homes, delicious-smelling chocolate factories, rum distilleries, and crystal-clear blue waters. If you’re looking to scuba dive, don’t miss out on the world’s first underwater sculpture park located here!

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