Amenities You Can Use At South Bend International Airport

At South Bend International Airport, we provide our flyers with a multitude of amenities so they can have a pleasurable experience from the minute they walk through our doors until they deplane at their destination.

We’re proud to offer everything you need in an airport, whether you’re arriving or departing. Here are a few of the amenities you can expect when you fly in or out of South Bend International Airport.

Free Wi-Fi

We get it, being connected to the world through the internet is an important part of modern life. That’s why we offer free wi-fi throughout the airport. To connect to our wi-fi, open your browser on your device and connect to SBN-Free WiFi.

Eat and Drink

Once you are through security, South Bend Chocolate Cafe and Bar Fly have what you want from specialty coffee and craft beer from local breweries to hot, made-to-order items and easy, grab-and-go items that can be taken to the gate or onto the airplane.

Refillable Water Stations

Staying hydrated is especially important while you’re flying. Low humidity and air pressure on planes can cause extra water loss, making a person more susceptible to dehydration. At South Bend International Airport, there are refillable water bottle stations post security. Travelers can bring an empty water bottle with them through security and fill them up for free before boarding their plane.

Gifts and Reading Materials

Whether you’re looking for a last-minute snack, a souvenir, magazine or book to help time fly on your trip, our gift shop has what you need. We offer two shops in the terminal — a larger shop pre-security and a smaller version post-security.

Baggage Carts

Give your back a break by renting one of our luggage carts for only a quarter — don’t worry, you can retrieve your quarter when you bring the cart back. Carts are located in baggage claim and in the front drive near the valet parking booth.

Pet Relief Area

Flying with a dog? We’ve added a section of artificial grass where your pooch can relieve themselves while getting some fresh air post-security near Gate 4. Please keep your dog on a leash in this area for the comfort and safety of all passengers.

Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Program

In addition to complying with all federal laws requiring access to our facilities for people with disabilities, we’re proud to partner with the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Program for travelers. This initiative ensures we’re providing a great experience to flyers with physical or mental impairments that might not be visible.

Participants in the program wear a sunflower lanyard or bracelet for easy recognition. This tells airport personnel that the wearer may need more support or time in navigating the airport.

Travelers can get their own sunflower lanyard or bracelet at three locations in the airport: at the ticket counters, at TSA, or at the Airport Information Office (near baggage claim) at no charge. The program is recognized at nearly 200 other airports along the journey.

Nursing Room

Traveling while breastfeeding can be stressful. If you need to nurse your child or pump breast milk, you can do so comfortably in our Nursing Room, located across from Gate 7. There are comfortable rocking chairs available, including one for an older toddler. Wall outlets make it easy to plug in your pump or other electronics. There is also a changing table for easy diaper changes before or after feedings.

Lost and Found

It can be easy to lose track of items while traveling. If you think you left an item somewhere in the airport, visit the Airport Information Office, located across from baggage claim. If you’ve already left the airport, you can call the office at 574-282-4590, #0.

If you left an item behind while going through the TSA security checkpoint in South Bend, or notice items missing from your checked baggage, call TSA at 317-532-1901.

And, if you have left an item on the plane, you will have to report it with the airline you traveled on. You can visit the airline’s website and do a search to find the page to report a missing item.

Are you ready to fly with the South Bend International Airport and check out our many amenities? We offer nonstop flights to 11 destinations with convenient connections to destinations worldwide. Learn more about flying with us or call us anytime at 574-282-4950.

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