The 9 Best Travel Gift Ideas For The Holidays

If you know someone who’s always on the go and setting off on a new adventure, get them a gift they can use while traveling this holiday season.

If you’re wondering what to get the travel enthusiast in your life this year for the holidays, look no further. Here are nine travel gift ideas that the frequent traveler in your life will love.


Packing cubes make it possible to pack everything in a carry-on so a traveler doesn’t need to worry about checking luggage. Packing cubes allow people to compress and compartmentalize their clothes to make the most of their space.


At some point in time, you probably had to run to the nearest convenience store at the last minute to buy travel-sized bottles of your favorite products. You can eliminate that problem for someone else by gifting them TSA-friendly bottles that adhere to the TSA liquids rule.

This gift is especially useful for the person in your life who is just beginning to get into traveling and likely wouldn’t have checked buying these off their to-do list yet.


Traveling teaches us about other cultures and places, and as a result, more about ourselves. Giving someone the gift of a journal is a great way to show someone that you think it’s important to document the once-in-a-lifetime experiences that come with traveling.


Sometimes traveling means being on the go all day. Sometimes there are no available outlets nearby, so a portable phone charger is a must for any frequent flier. Every safe traveler should have a portable charger in case of emergencies so they can keep devices charged on the go.


Traveling comes with some downtime, whether it be from a layover, waiting to board a flight, the flight itself, or lounging beach- or poolside. Buy a book for someone so they always have something to do in those in-between moments.


Whether headed to Disney World, the Grand Canyon, or the casinos of Las Vegas, comfortable shoes are a must for frequent flyers. You can’t go wrong with a new pair of supportive sneakers.


We’ve all been there — sitting on a flight next to someone who for one reason or another is playing their music or show on full volume, not a headphone in sight. Don’t let the travelers in your life be that person. Be sure to get headphones that are compatible with the devices the frequent traveler in your life uses.


Know what lodging the traveler in your life prefers? Whether it’s Airbnb, Vrbo, or a favorite hotel chain, you can’t go wrong with a gift card. Having lodging already paid for will make booking their next trip even simpler and they’ll think of you the next time they kick back and relax in their room between adventures.


For the avid traveler in your life, the best gift is actual airline tickets! It doesn’t get any better than giving a loved one in your life the gift of a new experience.


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