TSA to Demonstrate How to Travel Through A Security Checkpoint With Your Pet

SOUTH BEND, Ind. – If people can fly with their small pets stowed under the seat in front of them, does that mean that they get screened at the TSA checkponts? It sure does! Come see how it’s done.

Travelers are allowed to bring their pets with them when they fly. Small dogs and cats can enjoy their flights in hand-held carriers accompanied by their humans, which means a trip through the TSA checkpoint. (Large dogs typically are transported in kennels that are stored in the cargo area of an aircraft.)

As the holiday travel season approaches, we expect more people to bring their pets with them. Come see how easy it is for travelers to bring their small dogs and cats through an airport checkpoint. We have a dog and a cat lined up to show you TSA’s process for screening pets.

Please join us at South Bend International Airport to see how TSA officers screen pets and their humans as they come through the checkpoint. Plenty of good visuals.

Who: TSA representatives and St. Joseph County Humane Society volunteers

What: A demonstration on how TSA officers screen pets at airport checkpoints, and tips for travelers

When: Wednesday, Oct 21, 10 a.m.

Where: South Bend International Airport; Meeting point: Front of security checkpoint

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