Fly Smart, Fly Local: Why SBN is the Better Choice

It’s easy to be dazzled by large airports’ affordable, economic airfare prices. However, when you look closer and calculate the price of extended parking; transit to and from the airport; and the inconvenience of overcrowded, frantic airports that usher you through with impersonality and indifference, you might be surprised to know that smaller airports can be a better choice in the long-run.

Why South Bend International Airport is the Better Choice for Flying

At South Bend International Airport (SBN), we understand the importance of cost-conscious airfare — it’s why many people choose to fly larger airports. But, as you’ll learn, by focusing only on airfare prices, you miss out on the many benefits of flying from smaller airports.

Unlike other larger airports, SBN offers more affordable short-term and long-term parking within minutes of the terminal.

SBN offers comprehensive transportation services to and from the airport, including taxis, Uber, Lyft and more.

Worried about if your destination is covered? SBN provides 12 nonstop destinations and connections to all ports worldwide. Wherever you want to go, SBN can get you there. Flights from Allegiant, American Airlines, Delta and United are affordable and offer multiple daily flights.

Lastly, and arguably most important, with smaller airports, you have more breathing room to enjoy your flying experience. Smaller airports mean less hectic TSA lines, less walking time from parking lot to the terminal, and with SBN, friendlier staff and a “first-name basis” experience for customers.


SBN: Cost-Effective Travel and Parking

SBN’s short-term and long-term parking is more cost-efficient compared to other leading airports in the surrounding area. Whereas the Chicago O’Hare International Airport charges $40 for daily parking, SBN’s daily valet parking is just $14 a day.

For long-term parking, O’Hare charges $10 a day for its most economic option. However, one week of long-term parking with SBN is $45 — that’s a $25 savings! With walking distance to the terminal clocking out at less than five minutes, you don’t need to wait on a shuttle to pick you up from a remote lot.

If you want to crunch numbers, we offer a Trip Cost Calculator on our website that breaks down mileage, travel time, weeklong parking and more to determine your final cost compared to other major airports. Our customers are surprised to learn that although their airfare price might be higher (which is not always the case), overall, they’re saving more money when considering mileage, travel time and general inconvenience of using other larger airports in the region.

The Convenience of Using Smaller Airports

Time is money, and the stress of larger airports’ longer TSA lines, more commute time, and the frantic trek to your gate can be overwhelming for even the most seasoned of flyers.

With smaller airports, you’ll still experience the same amenities of larger airports — without the hassle.

SBN offers a range of fresh eats and treats whether you’re coming, going or picking up. Located in the concourse (past the security checkpoint), South Bend Chocolate Café and Bar Fly offers fresh, local foods and craft brews.

Before security, check out Bar Fly, Studebagels or the Pop Stop, where you can create your own popcorn! After passing through security, we also offer a water refill station, pet relief area, and accommodations for passengers of all physical abilities.

With SBN, you have all the offerings of larger airports in a friendlier, more intimate setting.

Oh, and did we mention South Bend Chocolate Company gives out free samples?

Fly Easy with Major Airlines Offered

SBN has flights daily from Allegiant, American Airlines, Delta and United with multiple flights to major airports in the country. And of course, we offer connections to worldwide destinations.

Cities covered by Allegiant:

  • Las Vegas (LAS)
  • Orlando/Sanford (SFB)
  • Phoenix/Mesa (AZA)
  • Fort Myers/Punta Gorda (PGD)
  • Tampa/St. Petersburg (PIE)

Cities covered by American Airlines:

  • Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW)
  • Charlotte (CLT)

Cities covered by Delta:

  • Atlanta (ATL)
  • Detroit (DTW)
  • Minneapolis (MSP)

Cities covered by United:

  • Chicago O’ Hare (ORD)
  • New York City/Newark (EWR)

Please note that after January 6, 2019, Newark will return seasonally with flights twice daily from SBN August 20th through December 4th, 2019.

No matter where you want to go in the country, SBN offers non-stop options to major airport hubs and connections to worldwide destinations!


Stress-Free TSA

If you’ve ever flown out of a major airport, you can sometimes feel like you’re being herded through the TSA line. At SBN, our lines are smaller and easier to navigate from start to finish.

To speed up your TSA experience, we recommend being prepared in advance by reading our TSA guidelines here. From there, you’ll be able to take the necessary actions to make your trip as seamless and easy as possible.


SBN: The Answer for Your Next Flight

At SBN, we pride ourselves on providing our 735,000 yearly passengers a great flying experience. Whether it’s our parking, great eats, or friendly service, we work hard for our passengers to have the best trip possible.

Fast. Smart. Affordable. That’s South Bend International Airport.

Discover the Benefits of Flying Local with South Bend International Airport in South Bend, IN.

South Bend International Airport offers nonstop daily flights to 12 destinations and connections worldwide. We offer affordable parking options, great eats and better commuting to and from your destination. Want to learn more about our flights or want to crunch the numbers? Contact us at (574) 282-4590 ext. 230, or check out! Fast. Smart. Affordable.

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