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South Bend is on Eastern Time year-round and does observe Daylight Savings Time. Times shown below are local times. Please note that schedules may change without notice. For the most up-to-date flight information, it’s best to contact your airline directly.

Picking someone up? You can wait in our cell phone lot and pull up to the curb when their flight lands. Please note: No vehicles may be left unattended curbside per federal regulations.

Arrivals into South Bend

Last Updated: Friday, September 25, 2020 @ 06:59:37 pm

Flight #
Origin Time Est. Time Gate Status
09/25 5098 American Logo Charlotte 07:50pm 08:36pm 2 Late
09/25 5556 United Logo Chicago 08:18pm 08:18pm 7 On time
09/25 2276 Allegiant Logo Orlando Sanford 08:29pm 08:08pm 9 Early
09/25 5477 Delta Logo Atlanta 09:00pm 09:00pm 5 On time
09/25 3781 Delta Logo Detroit 09:22pm 09:22pm 5 On time
09/25 5720 United Logo Chicago 09:44pm 09:44pm 7 On time
09/25 3182 American Logo Dallas/Fort Worth 10:01pm 10:01pm 3 On time
09/26 3755 Delta Logo Detroit 11:11am 11:11am 5 On time
09/26 3772 United Logo Chicago 11:23am 11:23am 7 On time
09/26 5054 American Logo Charlotte 01:02pm 01:02pm On time
09/26 4773 Delta Logo Atlanta 01:05pm 01:05pm 5 On time
09/26 3289 American Logo Dallas/Fort Worth 02:09pm 02:09pm On time
09/26 3770 United Logo Chicago 04:04pm 04:04pm 7 On time
09/26 3768 Delta Logo Detroit 04:39pm 04:39pm 5 On time
09/26 8905 Delta Logo Greensboro 06:35pm 06:35pm 5 Cancelled
09/26 878 Allegiant Logo St. Petersburg 06:54pm 06:54pm 9 On time