South Bend’s best spring destinations: discover fun, culture, and paradise!

Despite its reputation, Spring Break isn’t just for students. A quick trip to a fascinating destination and some great weather can benefit travelers of all ages–especially after being cooped up in our homes for the better part of a year.

As the weather shakes off the last bit of winter chill and the warm spring comes on, travelers become more and more eager to get out and grab a little slice of the world. But this year, like last year, ongoing public health and safety concerns must be taken into account.  

As we plan our Spring Break getaways, it’s important to research and plan for all applicable public health and safety restrictions–both at our destinations and in the airports responsible for getting us there. After the due diligence is done, you can get back to the truly important decisions like where to go and what to do!

As we all travel responsibly and keep health and safety in mind, these quick destinations offer something special when traveling from South Bend International Airport!

New Orleans–Beyond Mardi Gras

When the word came down that Mardi Gras would be cancelled in 2021, the people of New Orleans responded in the only way they knew–by dressing themselves and their porches in that same flamboyant style famous in America and across the world. 

Though there won’t be any parades this year, that same New Orleans spirit–in addition to all the food, drinks, and unforgettable music–makes NOLA a top destination for a little springtime R&R.

From the famous jazz ensembles playing in the streets, clubs, and cemeteries, to the one-of-a-kind cuisine that put the city on the map, New Orleans still has style, personality, and possibility for every Spring Break traveler looking to break free. A double-dose of history makes New Orleans suitable for families while the famous nightlife beckons to single couples and parents alike!

Savannah–Georgia on my Mind

The “southern gothic” style still reigns supreme in Savannah, GA–a low-country oddity that feels both southern and not-so southern. For curious travelers, Savannah is an ideal getaway to absorb some hidden cultural wonders. Stroll throughout the historic district ducking into old churches and courtyards shaded by live oaks, or take a riverside stroll with a drink in hand.

Savannah is also known for its incomparable foodie scene. From comfort food like Geneva’s Famous Chicken and Cornbread, to the modern upmarket dining you can find at Treylor Park, there are countless restaurants for eaters of all stripes! 

Perhaps best of all, Savannah can be gleefully explored on a modest budget. 

Visit Cancun for Some Paradise in Mexico

For those looking to live a little more lavishly, Cancun allows for one of the best tropical visits you could imagine. 

There’s no shortage of high-end resorts which offer full access to buffets, bars, and nightclubs in Cancun. The beaches are pristine, with smooth sands, tropical air, and plenty of opportunities to bask under the equatorial sun. There are also numerous sporting activities–kayaking, jet skiing, parasailing, and so much more.. 

Despite Cancun’s opulent reputation, not all of the hotels and resorts will break the bank. For those willing to take a car or cab to the beach, there are plenty of AirBnB locations and less expensive hotels that can save you some money while you enjoy one of the best tropical beaches known to mankind. 

Live it up in Palm Springs, CA

Good weather and good living are practically guaranteed in Palm Springs, CA. Famous for its hot springs, masterclass golf courses, and trendy accommodations, Palm Springs is the desert-city destination of your brightest daydreams. 

With a spa experience to match your relaxation needs, Palm Springs is easily the most restorative destination on this list. For adventurers young and old, guided Jeep expeditions through the desert sun provide wildlife and natural splendor. 

Palm Springs is inclusive, stylish, sporty, and full of wild scenes both in and out of town. Shop, dine, or relax in this underrated California paradise.

South Bend International Airport makes your Spring Break dreams possible! 

South Bend International Airport offers nonstop daily flights to 13 destinations and connections worldwide. With spring fast approaching, it’s just the right time to book your getaway, so be sure to check out what destinations best fit your desires, experiences, and budget. We offer affordable parking options, great eats, and better commuting to and from your destination. Contact us at (574) 282-4590 ext. 230, or check out! Fast. Smart. Affordable. Safe.

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