Where to Eat, Drink, & Shop at South Bend International

At South Bend International Airport, we know how important destinations are. But in the grand scheme of things, the journey is an adventure in its own right. As we safely take to the skies again to explore our world and make lasting memories, we should keep in mind that—despite security checks, boarding passes, and all the rest—travel truly is a joy.  

If you’re planning to break free with an exciting new trip to parts unknown, don’t forget to enjoy the journey by stopping for a hardy meal, lite bite, local beer, or one-of-a-kind souvenir at South Bend International Airport!


At some point over the last year, you probably learned how to bake bread or cook your favorite Italian dish at home. Now, you can explore more options without making a mess of your kitchen or ordering from the same old app. 

At South Bend International, the aptly named Bar Fly is your go to stop for great, made-to-order cuisine. At locations both pre- and post-security, travelers can enjoy satisfying options for breakfast, lunch, or dinner!

Breakfast at Bar Fly includes hearty options such as the egg, meat, and cheese sandwich or the breakfast burrito. Lighter choices like bagels, muffins, parfaits, and oatmeal are also available for the calorie-conscious members of our vacation parties. Lunch and dinner options include expertly prepared salads, signature sandwiches (featuring pork, turkey, and chicken), and even some great appetizers (chips and queso, zucchini fries, corn fritters) if you’re just looking for a quick bite.

In addition to Bar Fly, travelers will find South Bend’s own Studebagels available both before and beyond security. At Studebagels, you’ll enjoy portable, travel-friendly options in a variety of flavors and with your favorite spread!

If you forgot the 3-1-1 rule and had to take some extra time through security, you may be in a hurry. South Bend International’s grab-and-go, premade options may be best for boarding your flight on time. Grab a tuna or chicken salad croissant, smoked turkey sandwich, Caesar salad, or smoked turkey wrap (among other offerings) and enjoy your meal as you settle into your seat on the plane. 


Time takes on a different meaning when you’re traveling. In an airport, nobody looks at you sideways if you’re enjoying a cappuccino at midnight or a local beer at 6:00 in the morning. Make the most of the strange circumstances by stopping in at these popular watering holes.

Once again, Bar Fly is your one-stop shop for ultimate beverage satisfaction. Don’t miss a chance to sample some local brews as you wait for your flight to board. Bar Fly also features a full bar, and the expert bartenders can whip up everything from a scotch and soda to a gimlet martini. In keeping with its location, the Bar Fly at South Bend Airport is decorated with reclaimed airplane parts, and there’s no shortage of TVs to distract you until it’s time to ship up and ship out.

For a pick-me-up, Bar Fly also slings piping hot cups of Joe. Featuring nearly every caffeinated variety of America’s favorite beverage (espresso, latte, Americano, cafe au lait) and similar tea options (chai latte, chocolate chai, hot tea) you’ll find what you need to perk up at Bar Fly.

Meanwhile, at the South Bend Chocolate Company, you’ll find a hot cup of (what else?) chocolate! Enjoy a cup of hot chocolate in dark, white, cherry jubilee, LaSalle, and Mexican varieties.


From gum to newspapers, electronics and the latest paperback bestsellers, you’ll find both travel essentials and unique gifts at South Bend Sundries kiosks before and beyond security. Grab some Notre Dame swag to remember your trip or a paperback to browse as you wait in the terminal. Whatever you’re looking for, you can find it readily available at South Bend.

For unique and tasty souvenirs, Pop-Stop and South Bend Chocolate Company have you covered. Create your own bag of flavored popcorn at Pop-Stop or browse the excellent local chocolate flavorings at South Bend Chocolate. Both locations offer travelers a chance to put a personal touch on their journey and their souvenirs! 

Happy Trails

After the year we just had, it’s safe to say that we’re ready to fly again! But it’s also worth noting that, as we safely and slowly reopen, it’s okay to ask for reminders. We may need some security tips, some refreshers on carry-on vs. checked luggage, or a reminder of the latest safety protocols

Most importantly, we may each need a little time to adjust and enjoy our journey. At South Bend, we’re proud to be part of that journey, whether it’s a bite to eat, a bagel on the run, or a Fighting Irish pennant flag for the sportsfan back home. Welcome back and happy trails!

Savor the journey at South Bend International! 

As we all ease back into something like normal, it’s important to savor the journey and truly enjoy your trip. At South Bend, you’ll find excellent customer service, friendly staff, second-by-second flight information, and—of course—great food, drink, and gift options. For more information, contact us at (574) 282-4590 ext. 230, or check out flysbn.com! Fast. Smart. Affordable. Safe.

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