Top Winter Destinations from South Bend – Wonderlands and Beyond

When traveling during the winter months, chances are good that you’re one of two types of people—those who can’t get enough snow, and those who would prefer a nice, warm beach. Winter, like summer, is one of those polarizing seasons that has us wondering how the other half lives (as in: the other hemisphere of the globe).

No matter what winter’s like where you are, there are tremendous travel opportunities for both snow bunnies and surfers alike! Here are the top 2021 winter travel destinations from South Bend International Airport. 

Miami, FL

For those who could use a break from the delicate frost and warm, festive beverages, there’s the neon-soaked allure of America’s southernmost metropolis: Miami. Average high temperatures in Miami throughout December, January, and February remain in the mid 70s, making it the perfect place to warm your winter-weary bones.

Despite a well-deserved reputation for parties and nightlife, Miami offers opportunities for the whole family. Aquariums, museums, historic sites dating to early North American exploration—Miami has it all. But perhaps the most attractive feature to be found in Miami is the warm breeze off the ocean and the abundance of tropical delights to be had in it. 

New York, NY

There are places where winter settles like a calm, cozy blanket on the treetops and hills. And then, there’s New York City. Depending on who you ask, the Big Apple is at its best during the winter season, not just for the charm of walking those same, glass-and-asphalt avenues during a light snow, but for all the festive occasions the season offers that can only be had in NY.

From the tree lighting ceremony in 30 Rock Plaza, to the Thanksgiving day parade, New York City has—in many regards—become the holiday capital of the United States. Where else could you find world-class sushi, the Hayden Planetarium, the Statue of Liberty, and a 50-foot tall Snoopy gliding between skyscrapers?

Simply put: the winter season in New York City is beyond magical.

Monument Valley, AZ

Firmly in the “could do with less cold” camp, Monument Valley, Arizona, is one of those places that changes our lives. Stark, serene, and absolutely brimming with marvels, this destination is a red-sand museum of some of Earth’s greatest, natural artworks.

Famous for its abundance of breathtaking, sandstone buttes, Monument Valley also hosts the Navajo people with dozens of sites where you and your family can experience Navajo culture, artwork, crafts, and customs. Travelers with a rental car and some time to kill can also enjoy a short, gorgeous drive to the nearby Grand Canyon

Between these two natural wonders, you’ll forget that winter even happens each year. Spend your winter season in awe at the movements of our planet and the warm, rust-colored environs the mere passage of time creates. 

Aspen, Colorado

No list featuring ideal winter destinations could call itself complete without the inclusion of a certain place in Colorado. Aspen has long served as THE premier winter wonderland with sports, sites, sensuous meals, and gorgeous accommodations. What Aspen’s reputation generally omits, however, is that the mountain town also features an abundant arts and culture scene.

Aspen has also softened its harsh, affluent image over the years to become a much more affordable and inclusive place. No longer the sole destination for the privileged among us, Aspen these days touts a family friendly environment with both natural and man made opportunities for enrichment, education, and enjoyment! Oh, and don’t forget the skiing

A Destination for Everyone

Winter may not be everyone’s favorite season, but a more enjoyable and hospitable experience is only a short flight away! At South Bend International Airport, we’re thrilled to be a part of your travel plans this winter season, whether those plans take you closer or farther from the biting cold and blizzards!

Find a winter for you with South Bend Airport!

It’s important to remember that there’s no right answer to choosing an ideal winter travel destination. Do winter as you do winter, whether that’s sipping cuba libres in Miami, or hitting the slopes in Aspen. The winter season offers opportunities that can’t be found the rest of the year. So make the best of your winter season this year by planning your trip at Welcome back to the world!

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