Flying during the pandemic: is it safe?

In a recent blog posted on the South Bend website, we talked about the amenities here at Indiana’s finest airport. It’s crucial to us that we do everything we can to make you comfortable when you visit South Bend International Airport. 

The only thing more important than your comfort, however, is your safety. It comes as no surprise that people are cautious about how the pandemic has affected air travel. 

We’re here to assure you that we’re not only taking every precaution, but have worked overtime to implement procedures that keep our travelers safe and clean. We’ll then discuss some things that you can do to keep yourself safe as you visit South Bend. You’ll also want to check out the policies and procedures we’ve laid out to combat the coronavirus pandemic. 

Social distancing and masks are required at South Bend

You may have heard it a thousand times before, but it’s just as true as the first time you heard it. The top focus at South Bend International Airport is social distancing and face coverings. 

Whether you’re waiting in line at security or for a snack prior to your flight, we’ve implemented procedures to ensure that people stay six feet apart. Our staff has spent countless hours decorating the airport with signs, reminders, and markers that remind folks to wash their hands and remain distanced.

In addition to state and local orders, the airlines have made it mandatory that anyone who sets foot on their planes wear a mask. 

Staff are cleaning the airport at all times

Our custodial partners are focusing additional attention on cleaning high-touch areas. This includes ticket kiosks, restaurant tables, bathrooms, and hold room seating. 

But we’re not the only ones pitching in for the cleaning effort. Airlines themselves have dedicated extra time and manpower to make sure that plane cabins are scrubbed to the bone between each and every flight. 

Air on the plane: the facts about filtration and disease removal

Depending on your destination, it’s probable that you’ll be spending more time on the plane than at the airport itself. It’s important to note that the planes themselves are safe. This might sound odd, considering you’re inside the same cabin as all your fellow passengers, but it’s true.

With HEPA filters, the air on planes is recycled every two to three minutes. This means that sitting in an airplane cabin hardly resembles waiting in line at the bank or the grocery store. Air moves vertically, is filtered, and returned to the cabin rid of nearly all toxins. 

The air that returns to the passengers has been shed of 99.9% of the bacteria and viruses formerly present in the solution. Combined with a mask, this makes for a very safe trip. 

How you can help keep the airport safe

The top three ways you can help our efforts to keep South Bend safe are wearing a mask, maintaining social distance, and washing your hands. Wearing a mask is mandatory if you want to board a plane. As mentioned earlier, we’ve laid out markers to help guide people in social distancing. 

We’ve also installed sanitizing stations throughout the airport for people to use as they move about. No-touch disinfectant technology has significantly increased the effectiveness of these stations, as people use the foot pump to dispense the sanitizer. 

By working together, we can ensure your safety here at South Bend International Airport. We’re doing everything we can to uphold this standard. By washing your hands, keeping your mouth covered, and maintaining social distance, you can too. Better yet, with everyone’s help, we can keep the amenities open for you as you await your flight! 

Expedite your experience at South Bend International Airport in South Bend, IN.

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