Where to go for your fall vacation?

People across the country are once again looking at their calendars to plan their next trip. Those of you working from home might be considering a destination from which you can enjoy nature while still logging into your email. On the other hand, some of you may have had to delay your summer vacations due to the pandemic, and you’re now looking to get back to the beach as you’d originally planned. South Bend International Airport is proud to be your go-to travel hub that makes your flight plan a reality. Regardless of your destination, South Bend can help get you there, connecting to many of the United States’ biggest cultural and leisurely destinations. So today, we’d like to go over a few travel ideas for that postponed summer vacation!

National Parks offer a great getaway right here in the United States

Some of you may have been planning to make that long-awaited journey to Europe where the whole family gets a chance to absorb a new culture and learn from different peoples. But now your family may have decided it’s just the time to take a trip somewhere inside the U.S., which is rich with history, culture, and camping grounds. 

National Parks offer all of the above–and more. From the amazing arches of Arches National Park in Utah to the luxurious lands of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, there are plenty of parks to visit across the country.

Beaches are a fun and safe environment for the whole family

No doubt many of us are thinking safety first–especially the safety of our loved ones. But we also don’t want to miss out on that annual beach trip!

The outdoors offer the best combination of safety and fun for the whole family. South Bend connects people to North Carolina, near the gorgeous shores of the Outer Banks. We also offer several flights to Florida, where folks vacation yearly for the beautiful beaches of the Gulf Coast and Boca Raton.

How about a more remote destination?

In addition to U.S. destinations, South Bend International airport offers flights to the biggest airport hubs making you just one stop from almost any destination.

There are countless vacation ideas for 2020. With a little creativity and research, you can find the perfect experience for your next adventure. With South Bend International Airport as the starting point for your next trip, you can be sure that your travel experience will be as safe and seamless as possible. 

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